At CINOCCI, we believe Denim is a lifestyle. Every pair of jeans you see, gives you different vibrations; Rebellious, Laidback, Friendly, Defiant, Free-spirited, Youthful, Casual, Swanky, Zealous, and the way you wear these, speaks volumes about the real you.

When you’re looking to make something so iconic, there’s a lot involved to bring it to life. You see Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was your denim. Here’s a peek into what goes on behind the scenes.





Our designers spend substantial time energy and experience ·left swiping· hundreds of fabric profiles to find the perfect match for every design.


The crisp raw fabric is layered, drawn on and cut with precision in accordance with the determined design, pattern, fit & size. It is a crucial step which fuses the Arts, Science & Commerce of denim making.


The 15 odd parts are then sewn together by skilled artisans while chanting the lyrics of hundreds of songs which provide the background score while they create that impeccable fit of your insta-worthy jeans. Each pair of denim goes through a well defined sequence of processes on special machines to attach pockets, yoke, zipper, inseam/outseam, belt and loops.



Perhaps the most important chapter in the backstory of a denim is Washing. This is where the real test of character comes into play. The fabric, the indigo & the hand feel, all get defined during this process.

Surface styling is added to give your denim that worn in / worn out look. The addition of elements like whiskers, crinkles, scratches, rips, distress, patches gives it the desired vintage look. This is where your jeans get their good looks from.


Additional Features

Setting your denim apart from others may include surface styling in the form of added embellishments like prints, embroidery or appliqués. Depending on the designs these may be added to the parts during the stitching phase or as handcraft after the washing process is complete.


“Constant vigilance” is one quote from Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire that our finishing team lives by. This is where our team of self proclaimed Sherlocks, minutely examine all details and correct the anomalies (if any). Once the flaying threads are trimmed, buttons rivets and PU patches are attached to give it the final touch. Your faves are now packed and waiting to be picked so they can fulfil their life’s purpose.


** A special mention to the innumerable cups of chai / coffee (can’t risk not mentioning coffee, it would upset the gods) that made it possible and brought out the best from everyone. None of this would have been possible otherwise.

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